Support LHON research

Because it is an orphan disease, there is only a limited amount of research taking place regarding LHON so each donation has a large impact on how quickly a cure is found.  LHON is a mitochondrial disorder, so has created a LHON Project Fund at the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation (UMDF).  Each donation goes a long way toward changing the future of LHON, and gets us one step closer to a cure.  Donate at:

* An Ohio family has raised almost $500,000 for LHON research, largely through an annual dinner and silent auction.  Information about their amazing efforts is at:

* IFOND has supported a multi-year study of a large, extended LHON family located in rural Brazil.  To learn about and support this effort, visit:

* This video of Dr. Alfredo Sadun provides a brief overview of LHON and of his research in Brazil:

* Jeremy Poincenot (LHON 11778) and his friends conduct an annual bike ride to support LHON research called C.U.R.E. (Cycling Under Reduced Eyesight):

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* Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity and the entire Greek Community at San Diego State University have collaborated in support of Jeremy by making LHON research the beneficiary of many of their philanthropic efforts.  Greek Week 2010 was devoted to the effort, and the students made a video about Greek Week and LHON at:

You can see Dr. Sadun of the Doheny Eye Institute in the Greek Week video.  As he states, more funding for LHON research will speed up the process of finding a cure.  For everyone who carries the LHON mutation, helping to find a cure before eyesight is lost is a personally worthwhile endeavor.

The SDSU Communications team also made a video of the Greek Week effort at:

* To support her nephew who lost vision to LHON, Tracey Lawson encouraged The Welcoming Club of Garden City, NY to make LHON research the beneficiary of their 2009/10 philanthropic efforts.  Tracey and committee member Beverly Hegarty are shown with the $15,000 check resulting from their events and raffles.

Create a LHON Fundraising Event

Fundraising events can be a fun way to raise awareness of LHON, and to help find a cure.  Here are some events that have been done.  For ideas and assistance in running your own LHON fundraiser, contact Lissa at:

Fundraising in the U.K.

There is a significant LHON research effort underway at the University of Newcastle.  Information about fundraising for those efforts at:

*  Adam Gogola has organized motorbike rallies in Chicago, IL in support of LHON research.

* Shelly Mercer created a Bag Toss Tournament in Lakewood, Colorado.